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Sharon Pfeifer Photography Can Save You Lots of $$$
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YOU KEEP All of the Pictures, CD and/or Negatives!

Most photo shoots, (excluding weddings) are a flat fee. Fee depends upon type of shoot, number of people in shoot, and location. The majority of shoots range in price of $175.00 - $375.00.
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  1. Sharon can burn you a CD/DVD of all your pictures.
  2. Sharon can send all your pictures to professional photo lab CCL Photo Imaging in St.Louis, and you can purchase your photos at professional photographer's COST. Examples- 5x7 for $1.49, 8x10 for $3.10, 11x14 for $5.12 (prices subject to change according to CCL's price changes).
  3. Sharon can offer photo packages that fit your needs, like the sample one below.

With each shoot, you have the option of Sharon sending all your photos to a local lab for you to pick up and pay for the photos and CD or photo packages which include Sharon ordering and delivering your prints and CD to you plus some enlargements.

Weddings are priced by an hourly rate and location; or a package choice, with most weddings ranging from $850.00--$1700.00 Call to discuss.

Example of local wedding package: For $1400.00 package includes:

      350 professional lab prints (4x6)
      DVD of pictures
      5 (8x10's)
      4 hours of wedding coverage


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